Button over rides prePrint event



Is it possible for a button, on the click event, to over ride a prePrint event?

I have a form that on prePrint event, a page's presence is hidden, so that not even a blank page is printed.

Now I need a button that over rides that   this.presence = "hidden";  command.

Is there a tag to call out?

something like, on click event:

this.prePrint().presence = "visible";

xfa.host.print(1, "0", (xfa.host.numPages-1.toString().....

Thank you in advance

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I just tried it with the script below and it worked. I provided a name for the page "Page2" not sure that really matters as long as you use the correct name for the page.

if(CheckBox1.rawValue == "on"){

Page2.presence = "hidden"


Remember on the post print action you will need to make the page visible again:

Page2.presence = "visible"