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BUG? Edit expandable field spanning two pages


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     Thanks to help on this site and lots of trial and error, I helped a non-profit create a flowable/expandable form.  Works great so far, but I stumbled on a potential bug that could be confusing and annoying to USERS of the form when they edit in Adobe Reader.


  • Flowable/expandable/saveable multi-page Form
  • Many multi-line expandable fields
  • Users (via Adobe Reader) enter paragraphs of info into each field
  • Fields with paragraphs of info are allowed to split across multiple pages
  • Ex. Simplest comparison would be a college application, where some sections ask for mini essays requiring multiple paragraphs, where one of the essays starts on page 1 and finishes on page 2.


  1. User starts typing couple paragraphs into multi-line field which does not expand until they click OUT of the field.
  2. Field started on page 1 and expands to page 2.  Visually, the field is interrupted by the page footer.
  3. When you RETURN TO EDIT the field, if you click into the portion of the form on the second page, adobe barfs Hard to actually describe what happens (replicates first three lines of field at top of first page overtop of other fields, visually confusing to say the least).
  4. Short of it... the only way to edit the field spanning multiple pages is to click in the first three rows on the first page. 

This may not sound horrible, but imagine if you have 15 rows of text total with only 1 row on page 1 and 14 rows on page 2...  you are forced to edit multiple paragraphs within a 1 row window with scroll boxes.  And I have to send instructions to users that they cannot click into a field on the second page.

Appreciate if anyone can duplicate this issue to confirm it is a bug?  or has a fix? 

Only option I can think of is to not let the field span pages, but that does not work well if large % is on page 1 with only couple lines spanning to next page.

thanks in advance!


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What if you have the Subform that contains all the fields expand and flow, but don't allow the individual Subforms to split over pages? Is that what you mean?

I'd like to know if this is a bug as I am creating a form pretty much like the one you describe. If people filling in a long text box suddenly find it goes wonky when they click back into it to edit it on a second page, it's going to be too confusing.


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MareyMac... sorry I missed your reply.  Thought I would get notified via email, but I don't think I ever did.

I do have the subform containing the fields expand and flow, but I do allow the fields to split over pages.  I believe that I NEED to let these sections split over pages because there could be multiple paragraphs on each page.

Sure seems like a bug to me.