Binding not allowing to save subform instances



I am working on a customer requirement where I am designing
an Interactive Dynamic form to be filled offline.

I have couple of Subforms and an Add button. When an Add button is clicked

I have to add an instance of the subform.

I have added the script for the add button on click event. I
am able to add n number of  new instances, fill the data and save the
form. However, when I open the form again somehow the instances disappear. It’s
not getting saved. It’s a 2 page form and it seems it only retains 2 pages.

I have attached .xdp file and a sample pdf.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Your subform „KRAKPISelection“ has no binding. That's why there is no related data being created in the data section of the form and so it cannot be restored when the form is reopened the next time.


Change the binding itto „Use Name (…)“ or the a related node in you data connection „ZAF_HAP_PDF_OFFLINE_FORM“. If you don't have a data connection anymore, remove the data connection settings.


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