Best practice for adding form creator's EULA to fillable form & forcing user acceptance



What is the best practice for adding an end user license agreement to a fillable form created with LiveCycle Designer; and for forcing the user to signify acceptance of the EULA before gaining substantive access to the form?

For now, I've kludged it with a series of four message boxes (necessary because my EULA, like most) is too long to fit in a single messageBox).  The first 3 message boxes have OK/Cancel buttons.  If the user clicks OK she gets the next EULA message  box; if she clicks Cancel the form closes.  The last (fourth) message box has Yes/No buttons with corresponding behaviour.  This seems to work (I think???) but it's ugly.  Is there an "easy" way to do it with a single scrollable dialog box having customized "I Agree" and "I Decline" buttons?

I've seen references to tools like this‌ but they're flagged as outdated or discontinued due to security or other unspecified concerns.

Best, Blake

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



another way could be , keep the actual form pages hidden at start, and only show a single page which has scrolling text box containing EULA, with Accept and Reject buttons. IF someone rejects, you can keep the rest of the form hidden or show message boxes to force EULA acceptance.

If someone Accepts you can simply hide the EULA page and show the actual form pages.

Hopefully there wont be too much scripting required to achieve this one either.