beginners Problem with textfield



In the following pdf I have made (as in the video) one field with a dropdownlist and a second field with a textfield.

as in the video I wrote the syntax to the textfield (of course in javascript). When changing the values from the Dropdown the same value should be shown in the textfield - but nothing ist happening.

I can't finde any mistake ???

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi jm29468764,

"this.rawValue" in the switch-Section cannot work (i guess...), as the value of the adressed field (Textfeld1) is always empty - so no switch is triggered.

If possible (I use ES 4) use the (in german) "Aktionsgenerator" (action Generator) to perform this task. I've done this and this code shows up:

//Formular1.#subform[0].DropdownListe1::change - (JavaScript, client)

this.resolveNode("Textfeld1").rawValue = $.boundItem(xfa.event.newText);

Hope this helps.