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Beginner User: Locking (making read only after data entry) a single field after selecting date


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Hello, I am a beginner user trying to create a form using Adobe Livecycle.  One of the fields I would like to make read only/protect it/password protect it after a user selects the date.   For example, I select August 17, 2010 as the date. After I select it, I would like that field to be read only or protected so that another user can not edit it. 

I am a complete novice using XML or codes.  I'm learning alot from these boards though.    I know its probably simple.

Any help is appreciated.

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On the exit event of the field add this code:

if (this.rawValue != null){

     this.access = "readOnly"


This is Javascript so make sure you choose the javascript option.



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The attached locks a text field if the date chosen is "08-17-2010". If it is not the text field is accessible.

// form1.page1.date::exit - (JavaScript, client)

if (this.rawValue == "2010-08-17") {

  form1.page1.tf.access = "protected";


else {

  form1.page1.tf.access = "";



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