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Auto name form and save to network


Level 4

Any way to add custom file name to app.execMenuItem("SaveAs");?  When it saves, it does exactly what I'm needing - open windows explorer so users can drill down to the proper destination, which will be varied.  However, am having trouble finding how to name the file based on 3 pieces of form data. 



Any assistance appreciated, thank you!

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Level 4

Thank you, it was helpful and very detailed.  I did download and review the files, but unfortunately am not knowledgable enough to implement it, and it mentions saving to specific directories.  I didn't know how to modify to open the windows explorer dialog box with the filename prefilled from 3 form fields instead of specific directory, as it will vary quite a bit. 

Also it seemed to need a file placed in javascript folder.  I won't be able to do that, so this may not be an option for me, after all, and I may just need to leave it at app.execMenuItem("SaveAs");. 

Lots to learn . . .

Thank you!


Level 2

I am using ES4 version 11

I read your article and entered the following script statement it in a button :

DSCRReport.Page_1_DSCReport.Button3::click - (JavaScript, client)

var LCB_SaveAs = app.trustedFunction(function(doc)



var LCB_SaveAsTarget = SaveAsTarget;




Nothing happen when I attempt to activate the process and the console give me the following error message"

NotAllowedError: Security settings prevent access to this property or method.


I understood that this script was the work around to the security restriction. Is there something else that I should be doing. Or has it been made impossible to do.

I was hoping to use your recommended script to automate the format of the file name upon saving.



Level 10

Di you test this with Acrobat or just in Designer's PDF-Preview?


Level 2

I had only tested with the Designer's PDF-Preview . Further to your question I went back and tested with Acrobat XI pro  and Acrobat Pro DC latest version with the same result.


Level 10

I were not able to reproduce you problem at my end - the solution works in Designer's PDF-Preview and Acrobat for me.

You may check out my updated version.

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