Auto-installing McAfee with Flash? Shame on you, Adobe.

TheGunk 29-01-2015

As a longtime Adobe product user (Photoshop 3 through today, After Effects, Premiere and now CC subscriber) I was extremely disappointed and appalled when Adobe Flash Update installed McAfee without asking me.  I was so surprised, I went back to reinstall on another machine to see if I had missed a pre-checked box.  Guess what - no option to skip the McAfee on this update.

I have seen (and unchecked) the McAfee box in the past.  This time, it didn't ask.

This is not how reputable software companies do business Adobe.  I expect better form you!

There should never be software that is installed by default, just as "options" that many people avoid for secuirty reasons (like the check box for keep me signed in) should NEVER be checked by default.

If you want to stop developing Flash, or charge for it, fine.  But do not place programs on  my computer that I did not ask for.

Shame on you, Adobe.  Shame on you.

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