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Auto fill Text field


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I would like to fill some of TextField in my form. I import .xsd file with data and everything is drop-down list. I would like that was a TextField with automatic filled fill.

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At what point are you importing the .xsd (XML schema definition)? Are you binding the objects located in the .xsd to existing objects in your form, or are you creating new form objects from the .xsd elements?

Once you've bound a .xsd element to a form object in LiveCycle Designer, you should then be able to import an XML data file into the form during run-time to auto-populate fields. By assigning the .xsd elements to specific form objects in LCD, you're telling the form where to populate the data when imported from the XML data file.



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I import from .xsd. I have tried binding existing object and creating new objects.

How can i import a data from XML data file. I tried File->Form Properties->Previev and hier take a location to XML file, but this options give me only auto-populate in Previev not in final pdf.

When i create a new data connections and select Sample XML Data and give him a location of .xml file in DataView have a Text Field without any value. When i set binding in object it is the same.