Attachment process with Adobe PDF

patpai 08-07-2015

good afternoon everyone,

I'm working on a PDF, and that PDF requires that I have 2 excel files attached to it. No problem there, I 'reader extended' the file and then add the 2 files.

Only big problem, is it possible that every time the PDF is open, the attachment button is pressed by default and the user can see the list of attachments available with this PDF, right now it needs to be pressed in order to see them?

I don't know if this is done via an option somewhere or programmatically, I'm open to any of those 2 solutions if its even possible.

Thank you very much again,


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patpai 09-07-2015

Hi George,

I was able to reproduce what you mentioned on another PDF I received from a colleague and that's exactly what I need. But for some reason, my adobe designer file im working on has these options grayed-out even though I haven't yet passed it thru the extended reader phase. Is there something I can do on my side to un-gray these parts? My document is xfa file saved as a dynamic file and I cant see the big difference between my designed file and my colleague's file.

Thank you very much again,


George_Johnson 08-07-2015

You can open the un-extended version in Acrobat and select: File > Properties > Initial View > Navigation tab > Attachments Panel and Page

then Reader-enable.