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app.launchURL() problem


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I am using LiveCycle ES2.5 Turnkey.

Client side has IE-8, Reader-X, Windows-7.

The app.launchURL(url, true) doesn't seem to work as advertised anymore.

I thought it should open a new window, but it doesn't.  I tried to diable IE's tab feature, still it opens in the Workspace window.

It opens the file using the entire Workspace window.

If I use "false" as the 2nd parameter, then it opens the file in the Form frame of the Workspace window.

either way, it does not open a new popup window.

The URL I am calling points to a PDF file in LiveCycle's Content Space.

does this happen to anyone?  does your file open in a new IE window?


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It works fine for me .....can you try going to a different URL that is not a PDF(just as a test)?



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Just tried launching www.adobe.com, and it's the same.  It replaces the entire Workspace window withe adobe.com home page.

something wrong with my IE-8 settings?  I think my settings are defaults.


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I determined when this happens.

I have several forms that use "app.launcURL (...)", several years and just the installation of Adobe Reader X users have begun to have different problems.

Some say they are redirected to a page in Adobe, others just the browser opens but is blank, is not going to any page and in other cases non-existent open url like "http://xn--h5a9807h/" or "http://xn--tp-vxc5603s" ... Reader and all with X.

The problem is the length of the URL ... if it exceeds 255 characters failure occurs (which does not happen with earlier versions of Reader).

The following link will leave a form on which you can verify this:  http://www.nartexsoft.com/downloads_nartex/adobe/launchUrl-Issue.pdf