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Annotating changes in a dynamic form


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I have a dynamic PDF form created in LC, and I am well aware that certain functions are limited because of this. The form has several signature boxes which are set in LC not to lock any fields after signing. I know that the signatures track changes to the document, and I needed to make it so that changes could be made without invalidating the document.

So the idea is that the form may be updated post-signature, but any significant changes made must be annotated. The signature panel seems to catch any changes made to the document, but I don't see a way to annotate those changes.

I know from the Adobe document "Understanding the differences between static and dynamic PDF forms" that it says:

The following Adobe Reader commands are available for static PDF forms but not for dynamic PDF forms:

● Comment & Markup tools

● Import Comments and Export Comments

● Insert Pages, Extract Pages, Replace Pages, Delete Pages, Crop Pages, and Rotate Pages

Okay, that seems clear enough, and I can't argue with that. However, over here we all have Adobe Acrobat X, so among other things, we have text boxes we can add. That doesn't seem to work, however. That's not mentioned in the document- is that also impossible? It doesn't work, but I don't get the "this is a dynamic form blah blah blah" error that I get if I try to use comment or markup.

If that doesn't work, since the document needs to be signed, is there a way instead to go into the signature panel, select a change that was made, and make notes on the change?

If neither of those can be done, the only other thing I can think of is to have a small text box which the user can use to fill in notes on any changes done to the document. It would be tough (there really isn't any room for it) and inelegant, but I can't seem to see any other solution. Any thoughts?

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