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Although I have checked fast web view in an ES4 Designer (dynamic PDF) form, when I upload to my server and view in FF or Chrome using an Android device, it does not display online (see below: works OK when using a Windows desktop).

It asks to download the PDF form and tries to open it in latest Acrobat Reader DC, but then shows an error when trying to open and view: "Please wait...If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents..."

I also used Google Drive to download a copy of the same PDF form onto the same Android device (Nexus 10 tablet-OS: Lollipop 5). Same result.

As mentioned this same form works perfectly on Win 10 Desktop when previewed in ES4 Designer or Acrobat Pro DC, or uploaded and viewed online.

Not sure what I am doing wrong? Any help appreciated.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



I would suggest not to spend effort on getting the form to work on Android devices, since dynamic PDFs are not supported to run on them anyways.

At best you would get a static view.

This is why Adobe released the new Mobile forms rendering engine which takes the same XDP that you designed in LC designer and renders that as an HTML 5 output which works with mobile devices.

Although an HTML 5 page is not a single file like a PDF, and it needs to reference some resources while rendering up like (JS, CSS etc), so you will directly have to make a call to an LC server URL, that returns an HTML5 / mobile form to your mobile browser.

More about it here : Adobe Reader Mobile and XFA forms from LiveCycle Designer | Adobe LiveCycle Blog

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