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allways the same e-mail address


Level 1

hi guys

wenn I startet the first time the LCD and I created a test form with a "submit" e-mail button with a test e-mail address.

after the tests, I created a new real form with the same attributes like the test.

just in the e-mail button I put the correct e-mail address.

problem: after the distribution - the form is filled out by a user and he pressed the submit button - the e-mail goes to the wrong address

-whatever I tried - it's always the test e-mail adress in the answered form - and I don't no where I can change

can somebody tell me how I can change this ?

thx john

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Level 1

In Acrobat, go to Edit->Preferences->Identity. See if the wrong address is entered there. If so, change it.

Hope that helps!


Level 2

Now this is ridiculous!!!!!  I design a form in Livecycle and it puts on an email "submit" button in the header of the file that I cannot change, so I have to go to Acrobat and change the email address for the final distribution and then change it back for the next form I design?????