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alert on initial open


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I want an alert to popup the first time a user opens the form that instructs them to save it to their local computer before they begin working. Once they've done that, I don't want the alert to show up upon opening anymore. Is this possible?

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Yes. You can put the following code in the docReady event of the main page of the form using javascript for the Language and as long as the form is saved after the checkbox in the alert window is checked, the alert will not show again. It requires the user to check the box that reads "do not show this message again".


// Test field value for numeric value

event.onepop = !isNaN(event.value);

if(!event.onepop && !this.hideWarning1)


   // Only show alert box when hideWarning is undefined or false

      var oCk = {bAfterValue:false};

   // Display Alert box

      app.alert({cMsg:"Please save this form to your local computer before filling out.", nIcon:1,


   // Set hideWarning to value of checkbox, for next time

      hideWarning1 = oCk.bAfterValue;





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Thanks for your help!

I used your code in the form:ready event (there was no docready).

The box does pop up and allow me to check OK. But it still pops up after I save the form and go in subsequent times.

This is the process most users will follow:

They open the form from a folder on the server.

They don't have write access to that folder so they must save the form locally with a different file name.

They will work on the form at their local workstation and then post the form in another folder on the server to submit it.


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If you are using LiveCycle ES, it is in the dropdown labeled Show:

See attached doc for a screenprint.

It will not function correctly unless it is in docReady.


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OK, I found the right field, but I still can't get it to work.I opened the form, clicked OK, then saved the form with a new name. Then opened the newly named form and got the warning again. I clicked OK and closed and opened it again and still got the warning.

I have attached my form.

I wasn't sure exactly where to put the code you gave me so I tried it in the topmost level (SBtemplate) and in Page1 of the Master Pages. Are neither of those right?

Thanks for your help!

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