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AIR Tablet application with offline sync.


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Hi Adobe experts!

Let me just quickly describe the scenario…

The customer requires a Tablet SAP CRM application that must be full offline accessible.

We should have different scenarios here:

-          Creation, change & display of contacts, accounts, leads, opportunities, activities.

As you can see, this will take up a quit difficult data model for handling the offline sync in the LCDS. (Considering all required relationships between the different parts)

Besides this, we should handle our conflict management to raise an exception in the first phase (to the user) and in phase 2, to start an Adobe workflow.

Is this feasible? Does someone has got some experience with such data model in LCDS? Or just some advice how we should handle this?


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Short answer: yes.  The SAP feature of Data Services (available first in the recently-announced Adobe Digital Enterprise Platform and "for JEE" later this year) makes it very easy to build sophisticated Flex-based SAP-backed applications.  By default, it creates Remoting desinations for SAP RFM's, but you can use the extensible Java source code generation to create Data Services Assemblers which use Data Management, which you can then use in an AIR Offline-capable app using Data Management.  You'd get paging, client-client sync, etc via your Data Management Assembler that way.

However, you can certainly use the default created Remoring endpoints and do your own offline functionlaity with AIR & the embedded SQLite.  Nothing stopping you form doing that.

And even without our SAP feature, you can certainly write the Remoring or Assembler Java code yourself. Our SAP feature will just make it radically faster and less error prone.

Hope that helps


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Hi Damon,

As we're using LCDS 3.1 with Flash Builder 4, can we integrate the SAP connector already? If not, when would this be available?

The project is already in a startup phase, so we would like to know if we can use it now, or if we should develop the code by our selve (important for time calculations...)





I believe you and Kumaran have already connected offline to get you access.