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AFCS Beta Drop 0.92 Available in the Dev Portal


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New goodness at afcs.acrobat.com. Login and hit the big purple Download button.

Release Notes :

Version 0.92

What's new in this Release?

0.92 is an "appetizer" release - we're focused primarily around long-term projects right now (like e-commerce, HTTP APIs, etc), but we wanted to update the SDK with some bug fixes and new features here and there while we continue work on the big stuff.

    * The "log in as guest, then as host, STILL logs you in as a guest" bug has been squashed
    * ColdFusion server scripts have been added for provisioning and authentication
    * SharedCursorPane :
        * now supports absolute and relative sizing  (.sizingMode)
        * now supports labelField and labelFunction
    * New Examples :
        * CustomUserField  with DataGrids  using various SDK API's.
        * Collaborative Picture Viewer: Allows users to upload pics and collaboratively annotate them
    * Reconnect Bugs are largely fixed - we're still hardening more of our components to more seamlessly reconnect after a temporary network drop
    * UserManager / Custom UserFields work :
         * API for deleting Custom UserFields .
             * Events for registering and Deleting CustomUserFields .
     * For the Player 10 swc : NetStreamInfo has been exposed by the Audio and Webcam Pub/Sub components to allow for monitoring of latency and drops.
    * Dev Console :
        *  Now supports addition/deletion/modification of custom user fields
        * Modifying ItemStorageSchmes  in NodeConfigurations
        * FileShare  Configuration Bug for Publish/Access Model fixed.
    * Scalability / Performance work : We're still working to tune performance of the cluster to allow even more usage.
    * Tons of little Bug Fixes (more than 50 or so)

What's next?

    * Working on HTTP/Remoting APIs. Specs should come soon!
    * Further work on improving audio quality
    * More long-term work on e-commerce enablement
    * More responses to your requests!

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Great work guys, thanks.

Would you have anymore detail on what the eCommerce enablement would include. Sounds interesting.


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Great .92 is here nice improvements as well,

    * Reconnect Bugs are largely fixed - we're still hardening more of our components to more seamlessly reconnect after a temporary network drop

On Reconnect issue when the the session loses connectivity with the service due to temporary network drop.cocomo api tries to connect to the service automatically . Here it should give precedence to the developer rather it should automatically connect to the serivce after network drop or not by now there is no such provision.




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I am getting a HTTP Status 401 error when I try to download the new SDK.

HTTP Status 401 -

type Status report


description This request requires HTTP authentication ().

Apache Tomcat/5.5.23