Adobe LiveCycle Form to transition smoothly between pages



I am a first time user of Adobe LiveCycle.  Using Designer ES2 Version 9.0.  For much of what I am doing I have been able to locate helpful information from forums and YouTube. 

This is what I have going on:  I have two Master Pages and I have developed a form that consists of 4 pages in total.  My Master pages are working fine with each of the pages.  What I need assistance with...This is a document that practitioners will be completing through direct entry or cutting and pasting from other documents into the form.  I need to make the pages be consistent without blank space between the subforms.  I.E.  - if entered information on page 1 flows onto the next page, I need page 2 to begin where that ends.  I have tried different things with pagination and I either have extra blank pages OR in the design view two pages will appear to be side by side.  My form will be complete aside from this issue.  I know that it is probably a small fix, but I haven't been able to figure it out.  Can someone please provide me some guidance.  I have another week to complete this task so that we can begin using it.

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