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I would like help imbedding fonts on LiveCycle ES2. I create forms on this program and when the forms are viewed on other computers on "Nitro" pdf reader, the fonts are substituted to whatever is available on those computers. I would like to lock the type in place so that it isn't changed automatically and you can't read half of the form. When searching help, it listed to use LiveCycle Administration Console to embed fonts by visiting:

(JBoss) http://localhost:8080/adminui (local deployment using the default port)

(WebLogic) http://localhost:7001/adminui (local deployment using the default port)

(WebSphere) http://localhost:9080/adminui (local deployment using the default port)

None of these work. If there is a way to stop the fonts from changing using LiveCycle, I would like to try. IT department has already looked in to all alternative fixes outside of the program.

On Windows computer

Using Adobe LiveCycle ES2

Being opened on Windows computers on virtual desktops with limited font selections


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