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Adobe LiveCycle Drop Down List which allows typing to help fill the value of the Drop Down list


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I have a drop down list in my form with contains thousands of names in order by Last Name then First Name.

If the user's name is Adam Zapple, it will be listed "Zapple Adam"....

I would like the user to either have the option to only use the drop down list or they can type "Zapple" or any portion and have it populate the value.

Is there a setting or code which I can use which will do this?

Currently, if the user types in a "Z" it will take them to the beginning of the "Z" names (since I have them listed alphabetically), but I'd prefer they can type beyond the first letter and pinpoint the name they're looking for.

Thank you for any help

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This was extremely helpful.

One more additional question, is there a way to allow the user to type in regardless of upper or lower case and still have them match against my mixed case drop down list?

Thanks again


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Is there no way to have a user type in a value in a drop down list without regards to upper or lower case and match the drop down list's values no matter how that list is entered:

For example:

In my XML is a large list similiar to <text>John Smith</text>

                                                   <text>Mary Jones</text>

                                                   <text>George Towne</text>


I would like the user to be able to type into the drop down list with either "Geo" or "GEO" or "geo" and get taken to George Towne in the list.

Please let me know if this is possible.

Thank you.


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Guess I spoke too soon.

I used the info from the link you listed above with ends with 19234.html to create what I needed. 

On the machine I created this form on, when I email it to myself, it works great, but when I email it to myself on a different machine, it goes back to only allowing the first letter to match.

Please advise.

Thank you


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OK, I was able to solve this one.

The trick is to make sure you save the former in the Designer as "Adobe Dynamic XML Form (*.pdf)".