Adobe Livecycle Designer submitting PDF and XML



Hello there,

It is possible to submit PDF and XML together as email attachment once clicked the submit button?

Currently, I can only submit PDF or XML at a single email window.

I am not sure if this is achievable and asking around to see if any expert can help or advice.

Thank you.

Best regards,

Wei Yew

Answers (2)

Answers (2)



Thanks, I am aware that the PDF design from this software contain XML.
The challenge is that email submit button or submit button is allowing either PDF / XML type of attachment.
Can it generate both into attachment at the same time to be email? We do not wish to confuse the user for getting XML in email attachment which resulting require a PDF and XML together in the email.

Our AI system is not that great to read the XML from the PDF form.

Which resulting if we can use the email button to generate XML and PDF both together into the email or not?



If you have programming ability, the PDF contains the XML inside of it, it is just a matter of extracting it. You could also email the xdp, which includes the xml dataset and may also include the PDF as base64 binary.