Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.1

davidp95275708 30-03-2017

My employee has Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES using Windows 7 64 bit.

Recently we had to give him a new PC, because his old one was starting to fail. I still have his old PC with Adobe LiveCycle installed on it. Both PC's have Windows 7 64bit installed.

How do I transfer his Adobe LiveCycle program from the old PC to the new PC?

I appreciate any help in getting this transferred, as my employee is needing this to complete his work.



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Answers (4)

davidp95275708 04-05-2017

My employee has been using it on Win7 and it has worked fine.

The error I am trying to fix is this: Where do I locate the serial key to install it on his new machine? He lost or cant locate the serial number for the installation.

davidp95275708 13-04-2017

Can someone please help. I have called Adobe tech support on the phone and they told me this is the only way I can get support?

I have an employee who is without LiveCycle for the last two weeks.