Adobe Lifecycle designer Windows 7 to windows 10




We have a old version of Lifescyle designer ES2. Now we are migrationg all computer to windows 10. Which version I need to download for windows 10?

Where can I find the download link?

Could you please help?


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Just to update the thread, LiveCycle may be end of life but it's available in form of AEM forms Designer. 6.5 designer being the latest version. Forms created in the old version are fully supported on any latest AEM form designer but yes some refactoring in terms of layout and scripting might be required to support the latest scripting engine.

6.5, 6.4 and 6.3 are well supported on win 2010. You can refer " Designer" section under Adobe Experience Manager Help | Supported Platforms for AEM Forms on JEE

You can contact to get a trial version.




The only product available to you is the one you have, but you should consider migrating. Adobe would say migrate to an Acrobat form. I'd say, migrate to HTML forms. To be clear "migrating" here means "learn a new technology and do the whole job again" not "open in a new app and have it change stuff".

You might consider also keeping a Windows 7 machine around to ensure compatibility if you do want to keep editing this file. Not saying it WON'T work on Windows 10, but it's a risk.



Designer is discontinued, but if you have a license for ES2 that's the only one you can use anyway. ES4 came out many years ago but you can no longer upgrade.