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Hello Adobe Forum,

I'm an SAP user and am creating an Adobe form (my first). I posted this in an SAP forum, but have yet to receive any feedback whatsoever so I thought it may be better to go to the Adobe experts themselves. I've run into an Adobe issue and am just spinning and spinning trying different techniques to make it work. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

In my content area I have three subforms. The first subform is positioned, the fields have to be placed correctly. The second subform is fundamentally a table header for the third subform, which is the rows of the data. All three subforms are wrapped in another subform that is flowed.

Why would I do it like this? Well, the table in the third subform has control levels so it merges like rows nicely in this way when the first column rows are the same...

So the first page of my document would look like this...which is what I want.

H is repeated for every page. So it is on the Master page. That's easy.

1 is the 'sub-header' and should only be on the first page. This works.

2 looks like a header for the table, but is really it's own table because of formatting requirements and the values are dynamic. It looks nice, but shows up only on page one.

3 is the data table. It works great too.

Page one looks great. Page two looks like this... I can't get part 2 from above to repeat for every new page.

I have tried numerous approaches, but nothing seems to work. I really need to stick with the control levels, and that keeps me from having one nice table with a header that repeats. Perhaps I've approached this fundamentally wrong?

Here is my layout in case that helps at all explain my issue. I truly appreciate any help, this is the last hurdle on my form and then it's done. I'm sure a seasoned Adobe person may quickly see the err of my ways.



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Not a solution I'm very fond of, but it works. I created a second page and put the table header on the master page there and moved the content area down a bit. I'd still like to force the subform to simply repeat, but I've got to move on.

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