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Adobe form created in LiveCycle does not remember user input


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Adobe form created in LiveCycle does not remember user input when the file has been re-opened after it has been saved.


"Check box" that has been selected and who have registered Action script (may be that it should be disabled), seems to be reset when the file is re-opened, although it apparently is checked.

Are there settings or script that can prevent this?

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Hi there,

usually if the values are not kept in form after saving and re-opening the form, it would be because of your code... or because it is not Reader Extended PDF...

If your code has a function which is to return a value to your field without it to be working based on your Design, it will reset any data..(variables)

Which means...

e.g.: You have an array/var/JSONobject which you populate varying on the data entered in the design, as long as you are in the actual form, without closing and re-opening the form, it will keep all values inside that array / variables / JSONobject. But, once the form closed and re-opened, if you have a function that returns a value to your field, whatever the field, from any variable in the script it will return nothing because every variables are reset. To avoid such a thing, you must repopulate all variables that were assigned previously before closing the PDF Form. To do so, I recommend to have a page(hidden) which contains every important values according to that function and you must repopulate those variables according to the values in the keepVar page...

If you do not have any function that returns a value to a field based on your variables, this is not the solution you are looking for and I am not aware of the reason why it behaves like this... Maybe more information on the behaviour of your form would help locate the issue...

Hope this help