Adobe Acrobat Form : Adding 5 fields and allow "-" in any field

rakeshk21205956 02-10-2019

I want to add Five Fields (numeric) and also allow user to enter "-" (dash sign) if no value is present instead of 0.

but when i put "-" in any field it returns NaN.

Following is my script :

var n1 = Number(this.getField("Text1").valueAsString);

var n2 = Number(this.getField("Text2").valueAsString);

var n3 = Number(this.getField("Text3").valueAsString);

var n4 = Number(this.getField("Text4").valueAsString);

var n5 = Number(this.getField("Text5").valueAsString);

event.value = n1+n2+n3+n4+n5;

Thanks in advance

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