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Adobe Acrobat DC erased my Adobe LiveCycles


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Hey All,

I have a pretty in depth form that I have been updating in Adobe LiveCycle for several years now with populated large dropdown options and so on, but with the Cloud I have to also download the LiveCycle program separately. I have no issues with that, but with the latest upgrade to Adobe Acrobat DC from the cloud deleted my LiveCycle. Does anyone else have this issue? Any suggestions? Is LiveCycle just that out of date? To me it had so much more control over forms than anything I have tried in Acrobat and I really need that kind of control. I do not see where in Acrobat to populate my dropdown menus and in the last Acrobat XI it would automatically move me back into LiveCycle when I did try to update my forms so I was ok with that.

Please any advice at all is appreciated! I have searched and searched and I see what looks to be a LiveCycle ES4 for sale on Adobe.com, but is this not part of the cloud? Are they still upgrading LiveCycle? Do I bother trying?

Thank you!


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Designer has been debundled from Acrobat since Acrobat XI and was replaced with the already discontinued FormsCentral.

Designer ES4 now available as Stand-alone version.

Acrobat DC now comes without Designer and FormsCentral.

If your Designer was bundeld to a previous Acrobat (8, 9 or X Pro) version it has been removed during installation of DC I'm afraid.

There is currentlty no know way to installa Acrobat DC parallel to existing Acrobat versions, so you'll have to decide which one you want to use.

I personally would not use Designer together with Acrobat DC, as the new UI makes it difficult to use the PDF-Preview etc.


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I'm having the same problem.

So, Radzmar, are you saying that I have to recreate any LiveCycle forms with say, Word (because I don't think Acrobat DC picks up InDesign files), and then create them AGAIN using Acrobat DC? At which point, I can correct the conversion, add my JavaScript, and other elements (like buttons and text)?

I'm new to Acrobat DC, but it doesn't seem to be a very friendly program to create a document, just edit one from another program.




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He is saying that we are all screwed if you attempt to download Adobe DC onto our computers in hope that will still open Previous version adobe files that were made with Adobe LiveCycle.

Don't get DC, and don't recommend it to customers to download it until Adobe has some type of "LiveCycle" software to go with DC.  At that point...you could then re-create all your old documents.


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I also had extensive forms that I built using LiveCycle, and just discovered that the program is no longer available with Acrobat DC, and has been disabled in my Acrobat X Pro on my computer. This is really disappointing and frustrating, as I am already Paying TOO MUCH every month for a CC membership. They need to include that in the package.


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Same issue here, I'm afraid.  Adobe reached in and disabled the LiveCycle program I purchased - and without any notice whatsoever.  I am on the line right now with Customer Care (via chat) and getting nowhere.