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Adjust Drop Down List size


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Hi all~

I am facing a problem that I have a drop down list, but with about 20 items in it, so the drop down list cannot show all items in the list and having a scroll bar.

So my problem is can I adjust the length of drop down part so that all the items can be shown? It is because the users think that scroll bar is not so convinent to them...

or else can I use custom drop down list to do what I want?

thanks for any advice~~~

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If that is the case why don't you use ListBox instead of DropDowns. I guess it would be more convenient.




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I had considered using listbox, but it would occupy a lot of space in my form and make it too long...

anyway Bibhu thanks a lot for your advice~

is there no possible way to customize the drop down list?


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I don't think you can modify how the drop-down displays, but I came up with something that may work for you, though I don't know if it is best practice.

You could use popUpMenu in a text field instead of using a drop-down object.

I got the idea looking at an example on assure dynamic here:


I came up with a different version that sets the raw value of the field based on the selection in the pop up window.

Here is my form:


Hope it helps.



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thanks Dave~ It looks great~

I am trying it now~! Hope I will be successful with it~


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I tried the popup menu, it is working but there is another problem...

Because there are some chinese characters in the item list, and I guess the default font type of the popup menu cannot show these characters...

Is there any method to change the popup menu font type / style?

Also I tried to change the font of textfield, and it does not affect the popup menu...


anyway I am still trying my best on this, and any possible solutions is welcome~~~~ thanks!