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Adding comments to PDF in Adobe LiveCycle Workspace ES2


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Is it possible to let Adobe LiveCycle Workspace ES2 users to add comments to a PDF document without having to download the document?


I have been trying many different ways for the past several weeks, but couldn’t find a way.

I tried to bring the attachment into a document variable and then using it as the input document for an assign task operation, after reader extending (including online commenting) it in the process. Tried different kinds of PDFs, including documents created from Adobe Acrobat, Adobe LiveCycle designer, static forms, with or without input fields, etc. Nothing seems to work so far.

Any tips would be welcome.



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There is a built-in feature for adding comments with the task. this can be done through the attachments tab. Is that not what you want?

Or do you mean marking comments within PDF itself?



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Nith, I need ability to add comments inside the PDF itself.

Its like reviewing a PDF document and putting comments in different places in the PDF on its content.


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I have tried a sample application just now and seems to be working,

All you need to do is:

1. Enable commenting feature while applying Usage Rights using Reader Extensions

2. Use document variables instead of XML variables in process

3. Submit data as PDF instead of XDP

Thats where you go!



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Hi $Nith$,

I tried the same procedure what you had explained here. But,  I am unable to get the comments that entered while reviewing.

Here I am attaching my workflow.



Here I am entering comments in workspace for this document in reviewer stage.  I want to send this comments along with document for next stage (Approval stage).

Thanking you in advance.


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Did you ever figure out a way to add comments to a PDF in Workspace?



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HI Aditya,

I don't know whether I can add comments to a pdf in workspace using "Add your comments" TextArea. I would like to retrieve those comments in the next stage. Is there any another way to add comments to a pdf in workspace and to retrieve them in next stage. Even after configuring Reader Extensions, I'm not able to add comments in workspace using comments toolbar. I also confirmed Reader Extensions are working (using http://localhost:8080/ReaderExtensions). But, I would like to add and retrieve comments in workspace. Please suggest.

Thank you very much for reply...