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Adding column to a 100% or recomend a designer or provide a paid design service?


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I am urgently looking for someone who would be able to help me to complete my form in LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2.

I have set the document out and done all the base work however, love the formatting side of things, but I am not very technical and unable to resolve adding up a few coloums to equal 100% and also have check boxes that say YES and NO and I would like that only one of the boxes can be ticked at any goven time, not both.

I have had a friend of a colleague try help me, but they are using a MAC version and I cant convert the formulas back to my version. I have even paid for them to re-create the form, but it looks as if they are using an earlier version that is not as 'user friendly' with dates, etc and it looks more dated than my original form. Althiugh they have managed to add up the collumns to equal 100%(!)

This is a business document and I have run out of solutions to my problem. I am willing to pay for the document to be completed or if anyone coud recommend a designer that can help me out that would very much be appreciated.

Thank you for any help that can be offered.


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