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I cannot get LiveCycle Designer to activate.  I have an Acrobat Pro subscription and have paid for LiveCycle Designer - it should therefore activate.  I have been going around in circles with Adobe support - getting me to call people who then are confused why Adobe support was getting me to call them or waiting for a response from Adobe support to then only find out the support ticket has been closed without resolving the problem.

I need to complete a project urgently.  How do I get LiveCycle Designer to activate?


I was running LiveCycle Designer ES4 on a Windows 8.1 Pro VM through VM Ware Fusion.  Bought a Windows 10 Pro license and created a fresh Win10Pro VM.  Uninstalled LiveCycle Designer from my Win8.1Pro VM and installed it on the Win10Pro VM.  LiveCycle Designer would run but only in evaluation mode.  The evaluation period has ended and I can no longer use LiveCycle Designer.

I require immediate help to sought this out - any help will be welcome.

Thank you.

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This is a known issue with older LiveCycle Designer. It does not work with Windows 10. We are working on addressing the issue. Till the issue is resolved, we can provide you with the trial version of the latest designer. Kindly share your email address and organization name for us to provide a trial version.