Access process variable from designer

MauroG1978 13-11-2015

Hi, I am creating an application with LiveCycle ES4.

I have a form in wich I want to access a certain variable created in the process.

How can I do this?

Thanks in advance,


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MauroG1978 20-11-2015

I haven't found any direct solution yet, but I solved the problem in an unconventional way.

I write here the solution I have adopted, it may be useful for other people.

- I put the variable name and value in an XML file that it is read at process invokation (this file is already read 'cause contains the process logic for various task):

- That "node" in XML is then appended in the input XML file feeded into form;

- Now in form I'm able to get the value and use it in javascript.