Hi guys,

Sorry if this is a dumb question (hopefully its a simple one).

My desired process is as follows:

1 Generate a (quite complex) client survey in Livecycle (with email submission of the xml back to me)

2 Use the xml information supplied by the client to populate existing Acrobat precedents

Basically I want to be able to generate documents by SOMEHOW (help!?) tagging insertion points in an acrobat PDF to match the xml fieldnames generated by the Livecycle generated survey. I am happy for this to be a manual import process and I have a (basic ) grip on producing the survey - and have the PDF's designed that i want the data to go into - my (major) problem is I don't know how to (or if you can) specify in the existing acrobat PDF's the insert points for the xml information and how to link the two together - do I need Livecycle Forms (and is it expensive) or ca this be done with Livecycle and Acrobat - and more importantly how ??

thanks for any guidance folks




Sorry i should have mentioned the PDF's I want to deploy the xml to are not the survey - its a case client supplies answers and answers are punched into our custom templates to produce an end use document for the client - thanks agian