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XML data from XDP/XFA Form


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Hi I have a xfa form referencing an XDP using fragments.The XDP has the schema embedded in it.

The submit button submits the data using SUbmit as XDP data from the designer.

In the workspace I render the same form using the custom/samples render PDF form method invocation.

The form shows up fine with no errors.

However when i submit the form, in my workflow, I have a set operation trying to get the count of a repeating node.

For some reason the count is always '0'.

We tried to debug and then found the following.

when I assign the xml variable to point to '/process_data/formData/object/data' i get the xdp data, however when I point it to the '/process_data/formVar/object/data/xdp/datasets/data' like i need to be then i get null value

I want the XML data since i have to do some business processing based on that

Any suggestions ?
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Ok I was able to resolve it after spending 2 days on it.

I had to delete the set operation and recreate the set operation to make it work.

Not sure why ? but is this set operation results cached somewhere ?