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XFA form problems


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I have some expereince with xfa forms - using xml data as a dataconnection .

I load data using the xfa.host.importData(""); script and all is well .

I now need to use a schema as a dataconnection -

do I still need to load the data using the xfa.host script - or is there another way to achieve the databinding ???

I tried it using the xfa.host script - and got this error :

script failed (language is formatcalc;context is xfa[0].form[0]Provider[0].#subforma[0]Button1[0])

script = xfa.host.importData("");

Error :

I have the xml data that accompanies the schema - but i am not able to load the data ...

Is there a good tutorial on how to use the schema and xml data to populate a PDF ?
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