workbench question



my workbench has been giving me an annoying behavior, I wonder if this happens to anybody else and if anyone knows how to fix it:

say, in the Form Design, I want to save my XDPs to my local file system,

so I select a XDP file, the drag&drop into my folder,

it creates the file,

then I repeat the process for each and every XDP forms in workbench.

the problem is,

I can only do it for about half a dozen files before it chokes up.

after I drag/drop a few files, the "drag" action doesn't give me a "+" cursor anymore, and workbench appears to freeze... and there seems to have some "refreshing" of the workbench window going on.

when that happens, I have to wait for a couple of minutes, let it settle itself down, before I can continue the drag+drop operation.

Does this happen to you too? If so, what causes it? and how to fix it?