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Workbench gone Wild


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Workbench has just gone wild on me, I wonder if anyone had seen this, and does anyone have a fix/work-around? any tips clues suggestions appreciated.

What happened was this:

Under "Form Design", resources, we had 500 forms in a category. Of course, it took forever to get the forms listed. So I was trying to split them into several categories, hoping that smaller categories would make the listing faster.

So, I tried to drag&drop the forms from that category (let's call it "A") to other categories. But, I could only drag about 5 of them before Workbench became frozen. Any further actions resulted in a "Workbench Not Responding" status.

In addition, two other bizzare things happened. Sometimes, the entire Workbench window became weird; for example, when I clicked on the "File" menu (trying to exit), the menu either became totally black, or it occuppied the entire width of the screen; and sometimes the scroll bars in the Workbench window extended to the outside. Also, let's say I have moved form "XYZ" from category "A" to "B" before it's frozen; after it froze, form "XYZ" mysteriously showed up back in category "A"!!! and "XYZ" was not necessarily the last form got moved before it froze.

This wild thing disappeared after the number of forms in "A" dropped down to about 40-50. After that, it behaved properly and was very fast. But when I had a long list of forms in one category, I could hardly do anything normal.
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