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I would like to confirm LiveCycle PDF Generator does a few things before my company makes any sort of purchase.

I run a PHP website under Windows S2003 which generates DocX documents, our client has now asked for these documents to also be available in PDF.

However the PDF needs to be generated from the DocX file and not directly created from the script.

I am after a command line utility in LiveCycle PDF Generator which will take a file.docx and output file.pdf.

Is LiveCycle PDF Generator the right product? If not do Adobe offer a product which does this?

I tried to find an email address to ask this question but after 15 clicks I gave up. If it is the case I should email this question, who do I email?




Hi Maruan,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

I can understand the reasons why the PDF generator would need MS Word for the conversion, and also agree that the PDF generator must be doing its job well, but my concern is MS Word.

Most of the products, which use MS Word in an invisible mode, would invoke MS Word using COM interop calls (Adobe PDF Generator can be an exception, as I do know the details of it).

And when Word is launched in this fashion, there could a number of potential issues like getting Message Filter issue - when Word instance becomes unresponsive or getting Co-Create instance error, etc.

And this is the reason I am a bit reluctant to go for a PDF Generator solution which uses MS Word.

But thanks once again for your response.


Prabs Chavan



Hi Prabs,

I do understand your concerns but I would suggest that you give it a try. There are several mechanisms implemented to "stabilize" Word.

I think one has to make a decision to use a converter based solution or an application automation based solution. Having worked with both I think there are applications where I would prefer the conversion based option over the automation based one and vive versa. At the end it depends on the kind of result you expect. The closer the result should be to how users see the word document when they created it the better an automation based solutions meets that requirement.

As I outlined in an earlier post I know of companies running severals thousand documents through PDF Generator without any issues.

On the other hand we also created solutions based on alternative technologies when needed - but our preferences is PDF Generator first.

Good look with your selection.











     I also got the same error "Error Message: ALC-PDG-010-012-PDFMaker reported an error while printing the document"  while converting Word to PDF using Adobe LiveCycle PDF generator.

Can u please help me..