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what are the Tickets and userImageURL for?


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is there any doc about that? sounds something very cool

is thereany kind of, (even super beta) doc about upcoming

or is it still early?

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tickets are yet another form of authentication used by the
internal AFCS code (basically a ticket is something that identify a
user in a currently running room). It's similar to the external
authentication tokens but tickets came way before eauth tokens, to
separate generic user logged into our system from users actually
accessing a room, that we are still using them.

userImageURL are URLs that you could use to assign an
"avatar" to a user, but you are in charge to set them and use them
in your own roster implementation, and currently the only
"application" that uses them is ConnectNow.

Regarding upcoming REST API, it's still early. We have some
ideas, but they are not fully baked yet. And then, who writes
documentation before the implementation is done anyway ? :)