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VERY Beginner DDL Question


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I apologize up front for my ignorance. If someone is kind enough to answer, please use small words and simple code. (I am not a programmer - I am a user who knows what I want...)

I am trying to make a form. On the form is a drop down list, and I would like the choices presented in the DDL to change based on the status of a set of radio buttons on the same form.

For example, the set of radio buttons allows you to select from 3 styles of chairs: Spartan, Comfy, and Plush.

The DDL needs to present color options for the chairs as follows:

If Spartan, then present Grey and Beige

If Comfy, then present Taupe and Mauve

If Plush, then present Maroon and Indigo

I have no external database reference - the form is completely self-sufficient. It seems that this should be simple, but again - I am not a programmer and am trying to muddle my why through cryptic help files.

Any pointers would be appreciated! Thanks!
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I assume that you will hardcode the values into the dropdown as the radio button selection is made right? The color values are not coming from an external source. If so you will have to write code to do this. If you publish your email I have created a sample for you.


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That is right - the values can be hardcoded to vary depending on the result of the radio button selection.

I think I just made my email public, but just in case it is dstevens@questaircraft.com

Thanks so much for the help!