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Value in master page footer only displays on first page


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I have a form with two master pages (Portrait and Landscape) and a text field on the first page of the form called

b GameTitle


In the

b exit

event of the

b GameTitle

field, I have the following script:

>//Paste the Game Title to the footer on Portrait pages

form1.#pageSet[0].Portrait.FooterGameTitle = $

>//Paste the Game Title to the footer on Landscape pages

form1.#pageSet[0].Landscape.FooterGameTitle = $

When I preview the form in Preview mode and enter text in the

b GameTitle

field, the contents of this field are displayed on the Portrait page (which is only used once in this form) and on the first instance of the pages using the Landscape master page. The first Landscape page displays the value, but the second, third, and fourth pages don't show the value.

How do I make this appear on all pages?

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