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Using repeat table and radio button.


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I'm using addInstance method for making a repeat table when button clicked.

There are Radio button(or a Checkbox) and a Textbox inside of the table as below.


radio Button | Text Box



Text Box

As rows are added, I want what's in the Textbox above automatically move down to the Textbox below, and select only one Checkbox from repeated rows.

Please help.

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I am not clear whether I got your point or not but it seems like you didn't separate your subform. For instance, You may use as following Hierarchy:

+Level1. Main Form/ Main Page (on the content type of subform object property: you select flowed

             +Level2. Subform1 (Containing your action button)

             +Level2. Subform2 (Containing what you want to repeat)

Note: The add instance object is Subform2. Once you click on the action button, everything in subform2 will move down.