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Using "built-in" picture clause?


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Let's say I create a form with a barcode - a US Postal Zip-5, just for example - and provide no default value for the barcode. When I open the PDF in Acrobat, it tells me that empty is not a valid value for the field. (Well, sure it's not. Gimme a chance to enter one, though.) If I type a single 'a' in the field, it tells me that 'a' is also not a valid value for the field. I like that part.

Now, I turn off the nullTest, leaving the formatTest enabled. When I open the PDF in Acrobat, I no longer get the message about empty being invalid. So far, so good. When I type a single 'a' in the field, however, it no longer tells me that 'a' is invalid. I don't like that part. To get it to tell me that the validation failed, I have to create my own picture clause - '99999' in this instance.

There are apparently "built-in" picture clauses that are utilized until you add a validate element to the field. Once you add that validate element, though, you also have to add your own picture clauses. Is there any way to add a validate element while still utilizing the "built-in" picture clauses?

XFA examples:

/* this gives me "empty is invalid" (bad) and "'a' is invalid" (good) */

/* this does not give me "empty is invalid" (good), but it doesn't give me "'a' is invalid", either (bad) */

/* this gives me everything I want, but I'd rather not have to enter my own picture clauses (because they get much more complex than 99999) */

The data entered is invalid


Thanks much!

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