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Using FormCalc in Adobe Live Cycle


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I am trying to do some simple calculations in a table in Adobe LiveCycle Designer and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

I have created a TABLE (Table 1), and can identify the names of the cells.

I am trying to add Row1.Cell3 and Row1.Cell4 together in a subtotal column-- which happens to be Row1.Cell5. I need to do that for several rows but can't get it to work for the first one.

Then, I need to add All the Row 5 subtotal values together. (Row1.Cell 5, Row2.Cell5, Row3.Cell5, etc.)

I have tried using the help system and the advice of another person who said to use:


He told me to use this instead of the suggested FormCalc forumla I found in help (which I also could not get to work) because I was using a table.

It doesn't work and gives me the message:

Error: Accessor 'row1.cell3' is unknown

I am stumped. Can anyone help me? It seems like it should be simple, but it hasn't been.
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Make sure you are using the same cases.  Row1.Cell1 is different from row1.cell1.