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User hits prints button, silently e-mails it to me


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1) I've created a fillable form used by tons of people. I put a "Print" button on top of the form and I want when they press this button that it automatically, and preferrably silently, sends the data to me so I can archive it without them having to choose to to e-mail it or not.

There's nothing inherintly sneaky about it, they can know they're e-mailing it back to me, but the people filling out this form need as few buttons and choices as possible. They're not used to computers and I'm already asking a lot from them just to fill a form out on one. So far I've been able to do it fairly easily, but there's always the problem of them seeing an error message if it doesn't send, and then they get confused.

2) As well, and this is more important, is there a way to force the form to select which data e-mailing method to choose? They'll be using Outlook, but when that message pops up asking them how they want to send it they just shut the thing down for fear of doing something wrong and losing it all, since none of it can be saved and reopened with Reader. They're filling out waaaaay to many pages of data to risk losing it and having to retype it.

I appreciate any help, and please know that I've scoured the help files up and down and interpreted as much as I can with my knowledge. If this is something that ahs to be done with tons of scripting or by connecting to a server ro such, just let me know and no explanation is needed. That's above my learning curve at this point.

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Silent e-mailing is considered an absolutely enormous violation of

privacy, so you aren't likely to get that. However, silently

submitting a form is normal. But I think Reader 7.0.5 added a change

so that you can't do it silently any more...

Aandi Inston


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I just started working with the Designer recently. Overall I'm impressed but this is a big issue for me as well. There are way too many steps a user must go through to send the data in email. I don't care if it's silent or not, but it has to be EASY. I would prefer a button to email it that when clicked, pops up a message box that says "You are about to submit this form data via email to such@such.com, are you sure you wish to continue?" and let them click okay or cancel.