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User Entered - Required question


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For a Text field, if I set the Type to User Entered - Required and a message in the Empty Mesage box, what events will trigger the empty message to show up?

I see the empty message pop up if I don't enter anything on the text box and tab out. But this happens only the first time. I don't see this behavior on subsequent tabbing.
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I believe the intent is to warn instead of annoy the user with repeated notices that a required field hasn't been filled (which is why it doesn't fire on subsequent tabbing).

The Empty Message should be displayed whenever the value of the required field goes from something to nothing (e.g. the value is currently set to "asdf" and you remove the value and tab out) which means that simply tabbing in and out of the required field without changing its value (whether or not it had a value in the first place) wouldn't trigger the Empty Message to be displayed. It should
always be displayed, however, whenever you attempt to
submit the form if the required field has no value (and Acrobat won't let you submit the form until all required fields have been filled).


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