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User Entered Data Lost Upon Adding New Instance of Row / Subform


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I'm struggling to solve a problem I've run into with repeating subforms and didn't see a previous posting.

I have a repeating subform that the user adds multiple line text to, then adds other instances of the subform as needed and adds text to them. The problem is when the third instance of the subform is added, the data in the second instance is lost. (The three subforms remain but the only data left is in the initial instance.)

Does anyone know where I've gone wrong?
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It is had to say with out looking at actual code, issue may be related to the code in any/combination of the following events....'initialize', 'layout:ready' and those events could be of parent subform, actual subform, add instance, or actual field. I can take a look if you could email the template at 'meetsekharv AT yahoo.com'