Tracking a Form



Hi. My boss has asked me to develop a form that is filled out and then sent to a first, second, and third line manager in that order. The first line manager reviews the form, signs it, and e-mails it to the second line manager. The second and third line manager do the same. My boss wants to know how the form will handle the situation if one of the managers is out on sick leave or vaction. He wants the form to be able to forward itself to the next manager in line. From my understanding, once a form is sent out via e-mail it has no other connection with the world. I know for certain that the form cannot determine how long it has been sitting in someone e-mail's box. However, a form does know when it's been signed and it can call a webservice and let it know that it's been signed and the webservice could shoot the requestor an e-mail saying that the form has been opened and/or signed by the manager. However, my boss doesn't want the requestor having to query his e-mail to make sure the form has been signed. He wants the form to take action on it's own and forward itself to the next manager in line. Anyone have any good ideas on how to get this doen with LiveCycle 8 and/or Acrobat 8 Professional?