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Totally STUMPED on LC Designer 'flowing text'...


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I have some pretty good experience (last several weeks) on getting Acrobat to interface into a database and building .fdf packets to an .asp file - pretty much got that 'down', however, this LiveCycle Designer is kicking my rear!

What I need (want...) is to fill in my form online (pdf - got this 'working') and when the user hits 'Submit', the datapackage gets put into the database ('done') as well as an email sent to an Administrator ('done') and THEN....

The Administrator receives an email that links to the .fdf file (also 'done') and when they click on the link in the email, they open a .pdf and see all the data entered by the user (again, all 'done' to this point...)


What I want to do is to put a link on the pre-filled pdf where the Administrator will now create another document (from portions of that data entered by the user) - to keep it simple, let's say the user entered:




Favorite Food:

and when the Administrator gets the pdf, there's a button to 'Create A Coupon' (wow, this 'example' is hard to make up on the fly....;)

Anyway, the Admin clicks the button and gets an option (I don't really care how this is done) for several shops that would offer the coupon and once selected, they can SAVE and email or PRINT.

Here's where LCD comes in - the "flowing text" bit...

Shop 1 has a coupon with just X% discount and simple wording (easy)

Shop 2 has a coupon with lots of 'legal text' (you know how that is...)

Shop 3 needs a the same wording as Shop 2, but requires different MARGINS on the document (1" on top, left, right and bottom, unlike shop 2 which is .5")


I really wish it could be done in Acrobat - I'm OK with that...

But, how do I even START this document (that requires different margins for different locations) and just what paramaters will I need to reset for later once it is determined that Admin wants Shop 2 or Shop 3?

I trust this info is clear - the actual project involves a 14-page legal document where all wording stays 'similar' (other than from user-entered data) and the reformatting of margins depends on the address of the user (typical margin settings are 1" all around, but places do vary).

I've tried everything I can think of to even START in LCD, but it is WAY MORE COMPLEX than doing forms in Acrobat!

Any/all help is greatly appreciated.
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