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To what extent is portability seamless across server-types


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I was wondering to what extent is portability seamless across the available server instances(JBoss, Weblogic, Websphere). (a) For example a process created on JBoss that does not use custom component can it be exported (lca) and uploaded to LiveCycle that is running on say, Weblogic. And one more example (b) If a process uses one or more custom components does that change the process of exporting the process between LiveCycle running on different server-types. After searching the documentation and not finding a clear answer, I'm posting it here.

Thanks for any insight or guidance. Jesse
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Yes it is very portable. There are certain services that utilize service configurations (i.e. LDAP, JDBC, email, etc..) that are specific to the app server and OS combination. Those service configurations are not exported as part of the LCA so they must be set up by the admin on each machine.

If you have a custom component then it will be exported as part of the LCA (the jar file anyways). If there additional libraries required then it is up to the installation to put these libraries in the appropriate place.